We bolster the evolution of organizations and people, based on the value of essence and on market orientation.

We offer support to Boards of Directors and Family Businesses in the difficult challenge of managing organizations in times of uncertainty.

We are accredited as Family Business Consultants

A positive and smooth transformation of companies that bolsters its people and increases its value.
Family business

Looking towards the future along a continuous line

A family business has challenges relating to business, strategy and culture, just like every other company. However, it also has more specific challenges such as generational changeovers, the professionalization of decision-making processes and training board members and shareholders.

In a family business, what is important is preserving value by transforming it. This is each generation’s responsibility. Because value that cannot transform is inevitably lost.

We positively impact people and their relationships by building a new dream together

Businesses are relationships between people.
We strive to create a new relationship model, to involve people in the change.

We build positive, healthy and efficient relationships which are aligned with the company’s strategy and culture.
We analyze, understand, nurture and rebuild relationships.
We encourage communication and collaboration. We break away from the silo mentality and encourage shared work and working in teams.
We eliminate background noise, deterrents and obstacles by always focusing on generating two things: value for the business and value for people.

Where to begin?


The purpose, values and culture of the family and the company.


A shared vision of the future, between the family and the management team.


The executive talent, developing the current team and new members.


The value proposition in order to remain profitable and competitive in a new market context.

How can we help you?
What can we contribute to your organization?

An independent
and expert

We know first hand about the complexity of family businesses. There’s the good (and a lot of it) and the complex. we have experience in organizations with very different management models. We’ll bring together an independent diagnostic assessment with all of our experience in order to provide criteria and solutions in the accompaniment process.

as an accelerating factor

We are at your disposal for as long as you need. Because we know that being by your side, sometimes as a mentor, sometimes as a coach, accelerates people’s development and empowers them in their decision making.

Global intervention.
Positive impact

Every company is unique. Every person is unique. And we know that to in order to generate real change, we must work from the individual self but with a collective, systemic vision in all areas and departments of the company. Always respecting the core essence.

A reliable and flexible

We are accredited by Instituto Nexia as Family Business Consultants. We apply our own unique methodology, based on intervening from day one and adapted in order to respect and facilitate the family–business relationship in a fluid and positive way.

We would love to collaborate with you

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