Leading is much more than just managing.
It is bringing the future to the present, and making it start today.

For that reason, onboarding the right person is key for a company.

We are experts when it comes to searching for executives and board members.

An organization, team and project evolves and grows with the drive of its professionals.

We help you find and integrate the right executive.


We recruit unique people who make the difference

Hiring an executive is a great opportunity for a company and one which also involves a strategic decision.

Onboarding the right executive is our job and our responsibility. One that is right for the organization’s profile, challenges, current situation, culture and values.

Why is this important?
Because leaders project and build the future of organizations. They make a direct impact on the strategy, culture and people with their decisions and actions.

With our artisanal approach, we work in the only way we know how: well


Through an extensive network of contacts formed over 20 years in the profession.


92% of our clients come back to us for more executive searches and express their satisfaction with our service and commitment.

from our expert

We understand and know about your business. We dedicate a lot of time to this, but it’s key to our quality.

Guidance and
for candidates

Before, during and after the onboarding process. We have a very personal approach.

Rigour and

We think for you. We say what we do and do what we say. For us, it’s more than a challenge, it’s a commitment to you.

and honesty

We share the necessary information with the candidate and with our client to ensure that the selection decision is a fully conscious one for both parties. We know that this is the key to success.

Tell us what you need and we will start looking for it.

Key people generate value and results.

And we know it. For that reason, onboarding the right person is key for a company.

Trust in us. Now’s the time.