Organizational transformation is the response to new challenges and market uncertainty

Transforming the organization through its people.
This is our commitment to you.

Changing to adapt ourselves to the market and client. Changing to adapt ourselves to an uncertain reality. A change that generates value.

Organizational change

We align people’s talent,
the organizational structure and
the company’s processes to the market’s
real needs.

We work on the company’s purpose, 
on its culture and values.
We create a strategy and business model that contribute efficiency and are adapted to the competitive reality.
We strengthen the company’s people and teams to 
drive transformation.

We redesign processes and organizational structures to make them more flexible and efficient.

We orient the organization to the market, by seeking out growth, profitability and innovation.
We maintain the core essence of uniqueness: 
evolving in order to continue existing.

Action defines us.
Consulting intervention.

We intervene from day one so that the project progresses. With an appropriate and effective methodology co-designed and tailored to every organization.

A 7-step process drawn up by John P.Kotter,
which, based on our past experiences, guarantees success.

Alliance and mapping

We work with you and for you, and agree on a relationship based on transparency, equality and honesty.

We build an alliance with the owners and the senior management as independent advisers (trust advisers). We share vision and commitment with a flexible and adaptable roadmap which generates new challenges and opportunities.


Listening and observing

Understanding is an art form that involves actively listening, something we do very well.

We listen to people in order to understand the company. From a positive and relaxed perspective. We apply Appreciative Inquiry and look for strengths, opportunities, dreams and aspirations to develop essence.

We look towards the market and new challenges and opportunities. Every person and organization is always unique in their essence, and we account for what makes them unique in our work.


Meaning and purpose

By generating meaning, we create value.

We design and implement a shared vision.

We start by defining a purpose and a challenge. We identify and build a culture that is aligned with the project. We know that culture is a valuable part of organizations that look towards the future with a unique and successful proposal.

We formalize values and outline the types of behaviour that provide coherence to the entire system.

We develop storytelling through a powerful communication strategy.


Transformation and leadership

Leaders make change and bolster progress.

We foster, strengthen and expand leadership in every organization. We empower people, through the system, to take dynamic decisions.

We propose a new way of organizing ourselves. New key processes, roles, policies and management tools. We determine a strategic plan and develop the value chain, operation plans and KPIs. Always oriented towards the market and the client.


Drive and growth

Through collaboration we create value and reinforce our shared challenge

We extend the change to everyone. This is your project!

We increase the impact. We activate the entire system, using a measured and intelligent approach, managing entropy and beneficial chaos according to the needs of each area, getting diverse teams involved in the process of improvement as well as in the strategy, innovation and change.

Good ideas improve people’s everyday lives. We generate a new way of communicating that is full of ways to share. The collective goes beyond the individual and generates organizational value.


Our ecosystem of relationships

This generates a drive for change, one in which people contribute the value.

A new purpose, culture and set of values, new ways of managing, new behaviour. A new organization, for everyone!

By encouraging participation, we successfully create a new, very powerful way of interrelating, generating drive and value. Based on the 4 axes of achieving success in a change project: trust, innovation, positivity and human talent.


Curiosity and learning

Change is here to stay when an organization is able to continually progress with clear direction. Because it knows what it wants and knows how to get it.

Changing the mentality, the way of thinking and doing, is the great achievement that comes with a change project. New types of behaviour must substantiate a before and after.

We train people on how to approach uncertain and complex scenarios. We prepare the organization to continue innovating, learning and growing for itself, making sure that this growth is constant, organic and voluntary.

What can we do for you?What would you like to achieve?

You’ve already taken the first step towards change.

As organizational consultants, we analyze and provide diagnoses with an expert and independent viewpoint that is always global and systemic.

We will be happy to help you draw up a plan of action to encourage your people to find solutions.

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